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The Biomodulation Major was established with the goal of multidisciplinary convergence research that combines advanced research functions in the fields of animal biotechnology, food biotechnology, basic clinical medicine, and agricultural life science to discover a biological model for the development of new biological materials and bioactive materials essential for the improvement of human welfare, and advanced medical technology.

This major has been striving to innovate the university's education and research climate, to develop into a world-class research-oriented university, to promote research in key areas for future national development, and to foster academic successors through securing foreign scholars with high research capabilities to suit the purpose of the WCU.

The faculty of the biomodulation major consists of 7 foreign scholars with excellent research capabilities and 7 top-level of professors in Korea. Every year, 17 students in the master's program, 7 students in the doctorate program, and 13 students in the integrated master's and doctorate program are selected. Graduates of this major have been employed in the field of biotechnology including new biological materials and food engineering, as well as medical technology and drug development, and they work as a professional researcher in all fields of basic and clinical medicine and biotechnology.

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