• Development of bioactive substances for the treatment of diseases and incurable diseases in animals and humans,
  • Secureness of cell therapy products, polymer materials, functional materials and new materials for normal biological function recovery,
  • Discovery of essential biological models and technology development modules for basic medical science research and preclinical research,
  • Conducting intermediary research for the organic development of biotechnology and therapeutic medicine. To this end, the development of biomaterials and new functional materials used for gene therapy in cells and tissues, discovery of biological resources necessary for the development of functional materials and new materials, development of essential models for the development of biomedical engineering technology, continuous securing of R&D modules using convergence technology.

In order to revitalize convergence research among researchers, the use of research convergence facilities between laboratories and the maximization of exchanges between overseas and domestic laboratories, maximizing the ratio of foreign scholars, excellent foreign researchers and foreign visiting professors, and establishing education and research infrastructure necessary for the research are being conducted. Biomodulation is the first in the world to carry out such convergent research, and students who obtain a degree in this major will obtain a master's or doctoral degree in agriculture or a master's or doctoral degree in science. These degree holders will play an important role as professional researchers in the fields of basic and clinical medicine-biotechnology. The establishment of the biomodulation major is supported by the world class university project, the next-generation project of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. This is making a great contribution to the development of research and industry in the field of biotechnology to become a global research center.

WCU Biomodulation