Educational philosophy and goal


Educational philosophy

  • The biomodulation major pursues an integrated study that develops various materials, materials, and technologies for human welfare by conducting convergence research that closely links the functions of each research group.
  • Problem-solving-breakthrough research is conducted intensively while utilizing a research network with a purpose-oriented free research character. The ultimate goal of the study is to expand research flexibility that can be freely determined for social convenience and technical necessity, and to revitalize fusion research among researchers.

Educational goal

  • Seoul National University's Biomodulation Major is a new major that combines agro-life science, medicine, veterinary medicine and engineering, which conducts convergence research to discover life resources and biotechnology technologies necessary for the promotion of human welfare by artificially controlling genes, cells, biological functions and phenotypes.
  • To create leading knowledge in the field, world-class research is conducted, global talent is nurtured, and new values of the life industry are created based on the establishment of an international level education and research network.